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We are proud to announce some of these new products including solvent traps to our product line

So you’ve obviously heard about solvent traps and you want to make sure they are legal. Well here’s the good news, they are 100% legal…with conditions.

A solvent trap is just that, a device that allows one to attach a canister, fuel filter, oil filter, etc, to the end of a weapon to catch the solvent that comes out the end of the barrel when cleaning. These devices also catch patches that are run through the barrel as well as the nasty “sneeze” of solvent that flicks off the copper bore brush when coming out the end of the barrel. Solvent traps offer a clean, mess free solution for preventing solvent from staining furniture or clothing. In addition, when you are done cleaning, you simply dispose of the filter.

So, are solent traps legal?  According to the ATF, cleaning devices are not regulated, and rightfully so. When someone uses a solvent trap for purposes other than its intended and legal purposes, that is under ATF’s authority. Any misuse of solvent traps for purposes other than cleaning purposes is illegal and is not recommended or condoned by Gear Up Tactical Supply. Intent is also very important when dealing with solvent traps and we want to ensure that our customers are using our products strictly for legal cleaning purposes. Our rifle adapters are engineered to be placed on the weapon and left on with the flash hider reattached to prevent the user from having to install and remove it each time for cleaning. If headed to the range to shoot the weapon, we strongly recommend not having a filter(s) in your possession at the time, even if intended for cleaning purposes as this can be construed as intent by the ATF.

Solvent trap adapters can be legally registered with the ATF for purposes other than cleaning. Gear Up Tactical Supply does not offer instructions or information how to do so as we strictly sell solvent traps for cleaning purposes. If you desire to register the is product with ATF we recommend contacting your local ATF branch or your local class III dealer.

Still not convinced that these are legal? Consider this. The Sig Arm Brace and the Shockwave Blade are legally classified by the ATF as pistol stocks. They are completely legal to purchase, possess, and use for it’s intended purpose. The ATF has deemed however, that if the stock is shouldered, it then becomes a short barreled rifle, and therefore is considered class III. The user must modify the stock (by shouldering it) from it’s original intended purpose in order for the product to be class III.

There are multitudes of other products that are legal to purchase but become illegal depending on how they are used. One can purchase a device for smoking tobacco legally, but if used with narcotics, it becomes illegal. One can purchase hypodermic needles for medical use, but if used for illicit substances, becomes illegal.

The bottom line is: solvent traps, if used strictly for their intended purpose are legal to own and possess. We advise every single customer to follow all local, federal, and state laws. We do not encourage or advocate the illegal use or misuse of our products.

We are not attorneys; this is not legal advice. Do your own research and most of all, obey the law!

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